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It's The Pope, 1000WORD$. Welcome to my Substack page WORDS WITH WORD$. What you're subscribing to is one of the illest things you'll ever subscribe to in your life. This is not some fake email-newsletter-blog. These are real conversations with real people in hip-hop. I have unique access to these artists. What I want to do is help you get to know these creative minds a little better and learn about what they got coming up next. 

I also want to debut Polaroids that I've never released before. I want to share the stories behind my images for the first time. There's no big machine or corporation plugged into me. This is all me. Finessing everyday. This is me traveling to these people's towns and cities. Tapping into the culture. I bring the culture wherever I go. 

So if you trust me how you've been trusting me for these last couple of years to bring you dope images, let me bring you these dope written scriptures with these artists that I take pictures of. When you subscribe to me, you subscribe to my life. You subscribe to the culture. Anything from you guys means the world to me. Without you, I'm nothing. I'm the media for my people with no media. This is WORDS WITH WORD$. Thank you.

- 1000WORD$

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